Furnitures with soul and stories…

Years of experience in production, my preference to quality and details, my appreciation of skilled work and craftsmanship, my passion for nature and for what she offers us, inspires and makes me desire to put all these feelings together and to start to create.

I am in the pursuit of combining wood, metal and stones purely in their natural states…


850 Years old Juniper Tree Meets Contemporary Design…

I designed Transverse with an emotion that defies the rules but also with a mood that respects the old and the wise.


The 850 years old Juniper tree has been preserved in its most natural form where it was combined with a contemporary and an un-conventional table leg.


With an innovative, brave and modern design, Transverse brings the combination of the old and the new together for those who like to see from a different perspective.


It enables the product to be born with a unique identity through natural handcraft.


work table

Beeing the latest member of the TRANSVERSE family, this work table is designed for a home office which the owner wanted to see the natural lines of the wood but also to feel seriousity to help her concentrate to work.


As a result, i believe i succeded to reveal the power in it’s simplicity.

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